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Roxana Aguirreurreta!

Roxana Aguirreurreta was born in El Salvador and lives in Miami, Fl. As such she is both a Latin American artist and an American fine arts painter. She has shown clear signs of a passion that stimulates her to reach towards depths of most compelling restlessness. The moment that she decides to bring the most intimate characteristics of her existence on to the canvas, she creates a compass of vibrant colors. Little by little, the universe that beats in her interior, begins to materialize on her canvases. She admires the work of symbolic and surrealist artists, whom she identifies with. Her paintings strive to exist on an illusory plane, and in this sense, they appeal to our subconscious minds through different symbols.



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Digital Book

Her work as a whole represents a process which is kind of a metaphor for learning or inner voyage. This publication examines 10 years of the artist’s career: the period between 1990 and 1999.

Digital Book

Rocks and Stones

Fruits of Nature

Mystical Forests

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